How to fix nativescript-google-maps-sdk map view crash inside scroll view

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After seeing this comment, I tried to fork the nativescript-google-maps-sdk plugin and fix the issue, but even after following it, I faced the same error.

Luckily, I came up with a workaround, I’m sharing it here so that it’ll be useful for someone someday,

The following instructions assume that you have installed nativescript-google-maps-sdk, and you are using it in a tab view, and because of this, when you resume your app from recents tab on android, and navigate to the tab containing the map, the app crashes.

Step 1: Install nativescript-accordion

tns plugin add nativescript-accordion

Step 2: In the xml file where you are using the map make sure these 2 xml namespaces are present



Step 3: Enclose your map element inside a accordion

<accordion:Accordion height="250" id="accordionLayout" items="">
                    <maps:mapView id="mapView"
                        mapReady="onMapReady" />

Step 4: In your code behind, import const observableModule = require("data/observable"); and create a simple view-model, this is a dummy to setup our accordion,

var accordionData = new observableModule.fromObject({
    items: [{
        title: "Map View",
        items: [
          { name: "map" }

Step 5: In the loaded event of your page, set the binding context of your accordionLayout to the view-model that we created in the previous step

accordionLayout = component.getViewById("accordionLayout");
accordionLayout.bindingContext = accordionData;
accordionLayout.selectedIndex = 0;

Note: We are setting the selectedIndex, so that it opens the accordion by default, and we have not created any header template, so the accordion won’t have a header.

Step 6: Sample onMapReady function

exports.onMapReady = function (args) {
        var mapView = args.object;
        var marker = new mapsModule.Marker();
        marker.position = mapsModule.Position.positionFromLatLng(, someDataObj.location.lng);
        marker.title =;
        mapView.latitude =;
        mapView.longitude = someDataObj.location.lng;
        mapView.zoom = 16;
        // Disabling zoom gestures
        mapView.settings.zoomGesturesEnabled = false;
        mapView.settings.rotateGesturesEnabled = false;
        mapView.settings.scrollGesturesEnabled = false;

And that’s about it, with that you should have pretty much the same result that you had before, only now, it doesn’t crash the same way.

Screen shot:

Written on September 15, 2017