Long Run with MetroRun #5, MissionBay to Tahuna Torea + 13k along Tamaki Drive, End of Week 1

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Nike Pegasus 38

Activity Description

HR data is inaccurate on this run. I forgot to wear my HRM pro. I had to take off my watch and wipe the HR sensor a few times during this run because it was showing HR above 190 while I was prolly running around zone 3.

For nutrition, I used 2 Maurten gels at the hour marks. Carried a 2L camel bak action pack during this run.

First 17k was with metrorun and the weather conditions were poor for running. The weather was better for the rest of this run.

Due to inaccurate HR, I’ll not accept the TE from garmin for this run. It says 5.0 Aerobic overreaching. But I finished this run feeling like I could keep going.

Written on June 12, 2022